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Luxury Wedding French Riviera & Worldwide | Anastasia Wedding

Luxury wedding on French Riviera

My approach

vibrant, non-traditional and emotionally evocative

I always say that my deepest regret is not having a lens for my eyes. As a luxury wedding photographer on the French riviera, I have the superpower of always being in the right place at the right time to capture light, genuine smiles, handkerchiefs full of tears, in-between or offbeat moments, natural interactions between people, and aesthetic details.

I’m convinced that my role goes beyond that of a simple photographer. I enjoy communicating my positive energy from the beginning of your day to the end of the night. My mission: amplify and elevate your crazy ideas to create images that are uniquely yours.


multi-cultural and diverse

My work is inspired by travel, visual art and fashion.

I draw as much inspiration from sensual and provocative Italian fashion as I do from Renaissance paintings, pop culture or advertising from the 80’s and 90’s, and even cultural and religious traditions all over the world.

The blue of the shutters on a house in Santorini, the authenticity of Andalusian cortijos, a sunset on the French Riveria, the deep green of the mountains of Lake Como, the black of night in Marrakech, … For me, luxury and elegance must be effortless and hidden in simple things.

Luxury Wedding French Riviera & Worldwide | Anastasia Wedding

My priorities

Trust and High-level standards

I seek truth in photography as in relationships.

To create images that will stand the test of time and trends, I need to know my couples and their stories deeply before they get married. My approach consists in building a relationship with them based on trust and professionalism (which is not incompatible with humor and good-vibes).  I need them to feel in phase with my values, and to attach the greatest importance to the creation of their visual legacy.

Above all, I want and I need to be 100% involved.

My priority is providing to my couples an experience of the highest quality. To preserve the intimate nature of my work, I only accept a limited number of weddings per year.